The Academy of Pharmacy Technicians Membership Application



The Academy of Pharmacy Technicians Membership Application

$75 Application Fee

The Academy of Pharmacy Technicians (ACPT) seeks application from pharmacy technicians who desire…
✓ Flexibility in your work experience
✓ Variety & autonomy with diverse responsibilities to stay engaged
✓ No more dead-end job. Develop yourself to take on new roles
The Academy is for pharmacy technicians who exemplify dedication to excellence within their role and scope of practice.  Academy Member status is for a one-year, renewable term as long as the member remains engaged in Academy activities.
Candidates must meet criteria to be considered for membership to The Academy.
Application process includes:
  • Letter of support from candidate’s supervising pharmacist or pharmacist in charge (PIC)
  • Letter of support from one pharmacy technician peer and/or co-worker
  • Current CV or resume
  • Valid Certification credential
  • Good standing with State Board of Pharmacy
  • Supporting evidence of chosen Areas of Excellence
Refund Policy: Application fee is non-refundable.  Applications that 
do not meet standards as determined by the Review Team will be marked
with a 'not yet' status in which application fee is transferred to 
the next application period.
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