Allegiance Award


This award is to show thanks to our members that have shown great dedication, devotion and faithfulness to AAPT and our pharmacy profession. Nominations shall be presented to the national office between April 1st and June 30th of each year. Nomination will be turned over to the Executive Board at their yearly meeting at Convention. The Board will vote on the recipient, and the award will be given at the closing Award’s Banquet. The Nominee must be present to win.

Guidelines for Nominee Qualifications

      1. Each nominee shall be active member of AAPT, and shall have been an active member for the past five (5) years.
      2. No nominee shall be a current member of the Executive Board House of Representatives, or a past recipient of the award.
      3. Each nominee must have attended three (3) of the past five (5) National Conventions, and must be present at current Convention, for nomination to be considered.
      4. Each nominee shall submit a current Resume or Curriculum Vitae, to the National Office (nominee will be contacted upon nomination).

Guidelines for Nominations

      1. The nominator must be an active member of AAPT.
      2. The nominator shall submit a letter of recommendation, which focuses on the nominee’s dedication to pharmacy practice, to the National Office before the June 30th deadline.

Submit Applications To:

Allegiance Award
P.O. Box 391043
Omaha, NE 68139