Think about individuals who have and continue to promote and make significant contributions to the pharmacy technician profession. Such individuals are eligible to be considered for the AAPT Founders Award. Please review the guidelines and request for nominations below and join the AAPT Executive Board and past recipients in our commitment to honor an individual with this prestigious award.

The Founders Award winner will be presented at the annual convention. We look forward to receiving your nomination(s) and to seeing you at Convention.


The Founders Award is given yearly to an American Association of Pharmacy Technicians (AAPT) member who has been an outstanding achiever in the pharmacy technician profession for an extended number of years and exemplifies the dedication to pharmacy and AAPT shown by the Founders of AAPT.

I. Guidelines for Nominee Qualifications

      1. Each nominee shall be an active member of AAPT and shall have been an active member for at least the four years immediately prior to the next Convention.
      2. No nominee shall be a member of the Selection Committee, the AAPT President for that year, or a past recipient of the Award.
      3. Each nominee shall be an outstanding achiever in the pharmacy technician profession for an extended number of years.
      4. Curriculum vitae (CV): in addition to the standard information, the nominee’s CV should reflect a history of pharmacy experience, including but not limited to:
        1. Education and training.
        2. Awards.
        3. Organization membership.
        4. Organization positions held.
        5. Presentations made.
        6. Attendance at continuing education within the past year.
        7. Community involvement.

II. Guidelines for Nominations

      1. The nominator must be an active member of AAPT.
      2. The nominator shall obtain a CV from the nominee that includes the information in II. D. 1-7.
      3. The nominator shall prepare a letter of recommendation that focuses on two or three outstanding achievements of the nominee within pharmacy technology practice.
      4. The nominator shall send the letter of recommendation and the CV to the Founders Award Selection Committee, at the Chairperson’s address, between January 1 and May 1.

III. Presentation and award.

      1. The recipient shall attend the Convention with complimentary registration and room for the days of the Convention, the year in which he/she wins the award.
      2. The recipient may have up to two guests attend the Awards Presentation.
      3. The recipient shall receive a complimentary membership in AAPT for one year.
      4. The recipient shall receive a plaque and his/her name shall go on the perpetual plaque kept by the AAPT President or designee. The plaques shall be prepared by the AAPT President or designee.
      5. The plaque shall be presented by any and all Founders, or in their absence, the Committee Chairperson or the AAPT President at the time of the presentation.
      6. The recipient shall make a speech or give a short thank you.

Submit all nominations to:

Founders Award Nominations
P.O. Box 391043
Omaha, NE 68139